frequently asked questions

Where is the exercise bands made?

In Malaysia.

What is the difference between a good quality band and a poor quality band?

Good quality band allows elongation up to 5 times length. Bands are low in latex extractable protein and low in residual powder.

How is Sanctband able to reduce the latex protein allergy?

Sanctband exercise bands are processed with additional procedures to remove latex protein (which cause allergy) and excess powder is removed too.

Is Sanctband avaiable in other length or colours?

If you are intersted in OEM-versions, different length, width, resistance or colours, please contact WAGUS GmbH (see “contact”).

What is the lifespan for a Sanctband?

With proper use according to the Sanctband safety manual, Sanctband has lasted 10,000 stretches in a test conducted by TUV GS.

Are there different resistances available?

Yes. Please refer to the colour chart on each packaging box or log on to the refering product page “band” or “tubing” (see Pull Force Test)

Is Sanctband certified by any International Certification?

Yes. By TUV GS (German Product Safety Mark).